July 21, 2024
Men's Basketball Team Group Photo

Third in the Country, Men’s Basketball Team Aims for Championship

Getting down to the end of a successful season, the Herkimer Generals are steps closer to winning the NCJAA Division III championship. With an overall record of 23 wins, one loss, and averaging 84.7 points per game, this group of fifteen is inching up from the number three spot they hold.

Steven Turner, freshman point guard from Bronx, New York, being new to Herkimer and a recruit for the team, has become a fan favorite this season with his authenticity and love for the game. Despite being new to the basketball program, his heart is with his team on and off the court.

Asked how he felt about the team’s overall performance so far this season, Turner said, “Honestly from my aspect, being on the team, going through the negatives and positives… I feel like we done got to a great start so far.  I don’t want to say perfect yet, (but a) great start for me.”

However, Turner isn’t taking anything for granted.

 “Just because you have a winning regular season (doesn’t) mean you can come up short in the playoffs, so still more to go — can’t get too cocky yet.”

 When asked what his thoughts on the coaching and strategy used throughout the season, and whether he felt it was effective, Turner answered, “I feel like coaching can be tricky when you have to adapt to something new, especially when you come from a whole different scenario, so I feel like coaching is something new to me right now. (It’s) Absolutely effective, any coaching is effective, because at the end of the day coaching the game of basketball, that’s what it is.”

Turner feels there are still expectations to be fulfilled.

 “… We haven’t finished out the whole season including the nationals and playoffs, so we have to wait and see how far we end up then we’ll get our conclusion to that. As of right now, we’re getting there.”

Only two crucial games left for the Generals until March Madness, competing in the quarterfinal, semifinal and lastly the final, all taking place where it all started, Herkimer College. Will the winning streak continue, and championship be brought home?

Alicia Espinosa

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