June 13, 2024
Women's Soccer Team

Women’s Soccer Team Gears up for New Season

With professional sports leagues all around the globe returning to play, many colleges are following suit. Although things aren’t completely back to normal in sports, at Herkimer College women’s soccer is on pace to come back stronger than ever.

Despite the constant obstacles that COVID-19 has put in its way, the women’s soccer team is hoping to be back on the field competing soon. In order to achieve their ultimate goal of playing, the team must go through the safety protocols that have been put in place.

Freshman Hailey Traut said that the team must get tested for COVID-19 twice a week in order to participate in practice. She said that the players must show up with a wristband that proves they are eligible to partake in practice.

Senior Erika Arancio added “when we arrive on campus, we get our temperature taken and use the CampusClear app to get our wristbands.”

As for when the Herkimer Generals will get back to the field in head-to-head competition, senior, Kayla Suppa said she is very hopeful that the team will be able to have games soon. “This season we’re looking at about five regular season games, maybe even seven. Hopefully, we get a Regional and National Tournament.”

Even though it is a big change from the 19 games they had last year, Suppa is happy to even have the opportunity to go on that field again during such uncertain times.

When asked about their practice schedule, Traut explained that the team was practicing Tuesdays and Thursdays, but now the team is on a Monday through Friday schedule. Arancio also added that practice started off as a challenge, but things are slowly going back to normal. “With COVID going on it is challenging. We had to start off with light work and slowly ease into more contact drills. Like everyone else, we’re doing our best and still making practices fun.”

Most people don’t like the limitations that a mask puts on them when going out to do simple tasks. Now imagine running up and down a field with one on. It can create a challenge, especially when breathing. The athletes said that masks can make playing uncomfortable and eventually, the masks can become annoying. Even though wearing a mask can get in the way, the athletes are willing to make the sacrifice in order to have a season and to keep everyone safe.

The first game for the women’s soccer team is scheduled for April 2nd against Monroe Community College.

Michael Cook

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