April 23, 2024
Students audition for the HCCC Fashion Show

Fashion Club Hosts Auditions for Upcoming Fashion Show

On February 5 and 7, Herkimer County Community College’s Fashion Club hosted model auditions for their upcoming fashion show. According to those involved, they went better than expected.

Ava Lanaux, President of HCCC Fashion Club, expected it to be difficult for models to follow on-the-spot instructions. She was pleasantly surprised about the results. “Everyone knew how to walk,” she said.

Auditioning models walked and posed on the Sarkus-Busch theater stage to runway-appropriate music. Lanaux, along with a few designers, judged them and gave feedback.

Before auditions, I asked Lanaux what she looks for in a model. “Confidence,” she said, “but it’s fun to work with someone shy.” She also said it doesn’t matter what they look like physically. “It’s not as fun if everyone looks the same.”

“I hope everyone who comes in is able to find a spot. If you’re coming in, you can help with the fashion show, so I hope everyone who comes in is going to stay until the actual show.”

Alesha Bowman, the faculty advisor of Fashion Club, said that modeling is a good opportunity for students to “come out of their shell.”

Bowman also said models should expect a welcoming place for everyone no matter size, shape, or gender. “The students in Fashion Club are good at creating a good environment.”

Fashion Club nearly doubled this year, according to Bowman. She was expecting good turnout for auditions. “Students are working really hard this year. The exec board has a lot of different ideas for promotion. I’m excited for them.”

On February 5, a few models from last year’s fashion show returned to the stage, including Hamid WIlliams. “It’s something I did last year, and I had fun doing it. It was a great environment, so I came back,” said Williams.

Jahiem Barber, also a 2023 model, was hosting auditions. He says he is excited to see categories “Renaissance” and “Toxic Love and Basketball.”

Lanaux says that Fashion Club’s next task will be getting the models’ sizes so designers can start creating looks. Then, back to the stage. “Practice, practice, practice.”

The HCCC Fashion Show will be held on April 26 at 7:00pm in the Sarkus-Busch theater.

Lyla Williams

Lyla Williams is a Communication & Media major at HCCC. She is regularly involved in Fashion Club and has previously been involved with Theater Club and other on-campus media activities.

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