April 14, 2024
Pooled Testing at Herkimer

Students Express Mixed Feelings About COVID Testing Requirements

This worldwide pandemic has caused an extreme annoyance to college students, including at Herkimer. Many students aren’t a fan of the weekly testing and requirements to wear masks. Although it may “keep us safe”, it can get repetitive.

Weekly testing isn’t required for those who receive the booster shot, and some students don’t want the shot at all. Some students also don’t find it fair that their funds are being held until they do, and they still have to get tested weekly. I talked with Dylan and Heath from the soccer team and they used words such as “tedious”, “annoying” and “a pain” when describing the testing process. “I just feel like it’s too repetitive,” Dylan said, followed by Heath who expressed “it’s honestly just a pain to do every week.” But, they acknowledged needing to get the testing done so that they wouldn’t get the rest of their team or anyone else sick if exposed to COVID-19.

The requirement to test has been a hassle to those who have constant busy schedules. Sometimes forgetting to get tested results in having to take a trip all the way to urgent care. Not everyone has transportation, and this can result in “threats” to be removed from campus. Many students feel it’s unfair and over the top.

Irving, a second semester student at Herkimer, said he appreciates the testing requirements, believing it gives students a way to stay safe and gain a sense of responsibility.

“I feel it works. I’m not against it at all and I think it’s so smart because it helps the school quickly find people exposed to COVID-19 so that they can be isolated away from others,” Irving said. “Yes, it can be annoying, but wouldn’t you rather people who are sick stay away so you don’t get sick? I preferably would not; I have yet to get COVID and I definitely don’t want it now.”

Although it may be a hassle or a bit tedious at times, testing ensures our safety and the prevention of spreading this contagious virus. And though it’s not everyone’s favorite, it keeps us healthy and in school.