April 13, 2024
Seniors in the 2021 Capstone Class
Seniors in the 2021 capstone class pose with Professor Gassmann

Communication & Media Program Offers Diverse Experiences

After several majors had been discontinued, such as Radio and TV Broadcasting, Herkimer County Community College approved a new program in the fall of 2019 named Communication & Media.

Have you ever wondered what goes into making your favorite television show, podcast, or blockbuster film? This program is dedicated to helping students get experience in what it is like to work in those types of fields.

Professor Robert Gassmann, one of the heads of the Communication & Media program, described it very cheerfully as “persons who are interested in learning how to expand and improve communication skills, as well as people who are interested in multimedia technology.”

Graphic design, video editing, image capture, and sound capture are just a few of the skills students will learn.

When asked what his favorite aspect of the program was, Gassmann replied with a smile, “working with students who came to the program with many different backgrounds, but the same goals in communications.” Gassmann seems very proud of the program and what it has to offer, which adds to its appeal.

There are several expectations that a student should have when it comes to a program like this, ranging from effort to experience. Students will be expected to write, which doesn’t necessarily mean pen to paper, but also putting ideas together, such as images or sound. Students must also target their communication to whatever audience it is intended for.

Individuals interested in this program will get out as much as they put into it, whether it be energy, effort, or desire.