June 14, 2024
National Pizza Day with Campo

Campus Safety Celebrates National Pizza Day with Free Pizza

National Pizza Day was on Wednesday, Feb. 9. Campus Safety of Herkimer County Community College, also known as “Campo,” on campus, wanted to celebrate but did not know what to do. After a discussion with coordinators, they decided to give out free pizza from 10 a.m.- noon in the upper lobby of the Ronald McLaughlin College Center.

There was a surplus of different varieties of breakfast pizzas and regular pizzas from the college cafeteria.

“It’s mainly about us, Campo, interacting with the students,” one campus safety officer explained.

The event was set up by the stairway of the center, and the table had a white tablecloth with a black drape at a diagonal. A floral centerpiece, a bouquet of magenta and pink carnations in a sequin vase, was joined by two towers of neatly folded napkins on either side.

Students by the bunches were lining up to get a slice or two. Plus, the event was set up right by the door leading to the Classroom Administration building, so it was easy for anyone to come by and grab a slice of pizza. By 12:30 p.m., one and a half of the napkin towers were gone. It is safe to assume that free food will draw the attention of college students, especially if the food is pizza.

Angel Johnson

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