July 21, 2024
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Have a Heart for Human Rights: February Action

In December during Amnesty International’s Annual Write4Rights Campaign Herkimer College students and staff were responsible for 237 letters to government officials on behalf of the 10 human rights cases featured in this year’s campaign.

Thank you!

Traditionally, for Valentine’s Day and the month of February, the Herkimer College Amnesty chapter sponsors a “Have a Heart for Human Rights” action that creates personal messages of support to these same individuals. Although the library table remains set up with letters of appeal for each case, for February there will be short ready-made messages that are designed to give the individuals inspiration and support. Each message includes a nature picture with the message, “Do not be discouraged. You are not forgotten,” written in several languages. Students are encouraged to add their personal short message of support. As this link shows, such messages help sustain individuals:  


Additionally, many of these message suggestions utilize social media and online action. However, if you use the materials provided in the library we will be sure that your note of support gets delivered to each individual.  Please stop by the table on Valentine Day and during the next two weeks to make a difference and to take a pin and bookmark as a thank you for your actions.