June 14, 2024
SGA Update

Student Government Association Discusses Murals, Dance, and More

Despite a lack of attendance by the student body at the first Student Government Association of the Semester, much was discussed at the meeting. A total of three students, and three faculty members attended. Upon the timely arrival of the six attendees, The President, Kyle Poulos, called the meeting to order and went through basic secretarial housekeeping (such as attendance, asking for student recruitment for members to the other students present, and an invitation for student feedback on recent building renovations).  

Meeting Starts and Murals? 

According to the one student representative in attendance “A lot of students and family members have complimented the accents on the walls,” and then the representative went on to acknowledge effective asbestos removal from certain school buildings and grounds. Upon the completion of the student feedback section at the beginning, the attention turned to Professor Justin Como, an art faculty member, to discuss the possibility of paneled art murals in the tunnels used to get between buildings. Professor Como started off by introducing the subject of putting up murals to spice up the hallways and to draw people’s eyes to the walls and away from their phones. Professor Como acknowledged the difficulty of finding artwork to put up to represent the student body at large and be “Appropriate content…something that is broadly palatable.”  

Professor Como then proceeded to share that in his view the murals should be a collaborative effort between all participating members of the student body. Amy Fahey, the prevention services coordinator, then interjected to further emphasize student participation, specifically the participation of other clubs in this project to represent “sub-groups” of the student population. However, Como replied with a warning that those involved should be kept to a minimum that will still represent the student body. He then proceeded to reveal the idea that student groups would submit ideas or rough sketches to a workgroup which would paint a mural based on the idea presented. He wasted no time in assuring those present that the workgroup will be open to everybody and will have status as a work-study program, so students will get paid for the blood, sweat, and tears they spend painting the mural. Finally, the discussion about murals was completed with Fahey saying that the artwork will draw an average student’s attention up from their phone and to the bulletin board where they will find information about campus events.  

SADD Club Dance and Desire for Statistics 

Amy Fahey and a student shared that the SADD club needed a further $250.00 for their dance to be held. These funds will go towards food and snacks for those in attendance. Most of their prior budget ($400) went towards getting a DJ for the dance, with approximately $100 being reserved for decorations. If students are interested in attending the dance will be held on September 23rd, and in Fahey’s words students are to dress like it is “An alcohol-free club.” Student Activities coordinator, Vicki Brown said that a dress code should be implemented.

There was also talk of a dance in the future where maybe two students with different music tastes could play the role of DJs (one for rap, hip hop, etc.; and another for country, country-rock, etc.). Additionally, Fahey also expressed SADD club’s desire to get on update on drug use on campus.  

Shuttle Bus  

If any students were wondering about the status of shuttle buses throughout town, they would be sadly disappointed. Unfortunately, the program was canceled, because it was becoming expensive and not enough students were using it, as edified by Vicki Brown. However, there are leased campus vans, which could be used for the same purpose for the small number of students who would need such transportation, as President Kyle Poulos added. 

Chase D. Everson

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