April 14, 2024
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An Open Letter to Students: Get Involved

To all those students who wish to have their voices heard. To all of those who complain stuff does not get done. To all of those who complain about music at school dances. To all who complain about the blandness of the walls. To all who complain that the student body does not do enough.

Now it is your turn to get involved.

To students at large of any major with any interest whatsoever, I challenge you to go to at least one Student Government Association meeting and let your voices be heard. To the student body, I challenge you to act and get the stuff you want done, done. Get yourself involved with campus student body politics and elect the senators who will get it done. If you do not like the world, then change it! You are the first step for change. You, as a student, can get up and be a part of the change!

To all who complain, complain, complain: Do you want to see change? Do something for yourself instead of taking your misery out on others. If you want to see change but cannot get through to those who can influence change, then be the one who gets the changes made.

Students, it is time for you to get up to do something for yourselves. Attendance at club meetings is embarrassing! So far, I have attended two, and only two students showed up to one, and at the SGA meeting three students showed up, including myself. This is a call to action (“what we need is chain reaction”) to all who wish to get up and be useful. Get yourself involved with campus activities, get a job (on campus, off campus), talk to people, volunteer to charity, give to charity. To all who complain, but do not act, you must work to reap positive results.

Chase D. Everson

Chase D. Everson majors in Humanities at Herkimer County Community College with plans to transfer to Utica University or Hamilton College for History. He strives to uphold himself to a high academic standard and involve himself in as many clubs that pique his interests as possible. Chase has been a lifelong resident of Herkimer and is glad for everything the community has done to shape him. His main field of interest for the newspaper is reporting on the Student Government and campus events, as well as political opinion pieces.

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