April 13, 2024
9/11 Library Display

Library Curates 9/11 Display

By Ann Prior and Stephanie Conley

The Herkimer College library curated a display in honor of the twentieth anniversary of 9/11.  It consists of books, magazines, newspapers, and memorial flags all in remembrance of that fateful day.  Also highlighted is a list of documentaries filmed over the past twenty years. 

Twenty years ago, our nation was attacked, making it the 2nd time in our history that we suffered losses on American soil at the hands of an enemy.  September 11, 2001 is the day four airplanes were hijacked by militants affiliated with al Qaeda and flown into the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon.  The fourth airplane crashed in a field in Shanksville, PA because a small group of flight attendants and passengers banded together to fight back. The destination of the fourth plane is unknown;  2,996 people died in total.

The memory of that day has a different impact for everyone; whether you were in college, overseas in the military, in kindergarten, working in an office, teaching a class, or you were not born yet.  Those that were alive during the attack can remember vividly where they were or what they were doing when they heard the news.  For the longest time when you met someone, you would ask them where they were when the attacks happened.  While the new generation may not have memories of the events, they can stop by the library to get some source material to learn about such a crucial day in history.

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