June 14, 2024
Students and staff participate in Casino Night

Herkimer College Raises Awareness for the Dangers of Gambling with Casino Night

Students at Herkimer County Community College gathered at the Robert McLaughlin College Center on the night of February 3 to participate in Casino Night, a chance to experience a variety of popular casino games without the risk of losing real money.

According to prevention services coordinator Amy Fahey, Casino Night was a perfect opportunity to spread awareness for problem gambling and the dangers of gambling addiction.

“I think it’s just giving them the information. There’s so much power in having the knowledge and the facts. People are still gonna make their own choices,” Fahey said, “but I think as long as they know what the actual facts are about gambling, about addiction, what to look for, it could either help themselves, or other people in their lives.”

With a Jeopardy! board outside the makeshift casino listing statistics about problem gambling, Fahey and campus prevention services wanted to drive the point across that while gambling can be fun in moderation, there is a serious risk of things getting out of hand for those with more addictive personalities.

Jack Barkett

Jack Barkett is a Communication & Media student at Herkimer County Community College. Pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, Jack brings his unique style and flair for the evocative to give his work a distinct voice.

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