May 24, 2024
A person participates in goat yoga

Goat Yoga Brings Mindfulness and Fun to Herkimer Students

There is no shortage of ways to practice mindfulness. One of the most fascinating ways to gain traction in recent years is goat yoga, as Herkimer College student experienced at a campus event last March. As the name implies, goat yoga allows participants to practice yoga with little goats running around, climbing on top of them, and offering an opportunity for newcomers and experienced yogis alike to try a unique spin on yoga.

“It was a friendly coincidence combining goats with yoga,” instructor Vanessa Pellegrino explains, “It makes a lot of sense because goats are naturally curious and they want to climb and spread baby goat love.”

Since 2017, Gilbertsville Farmhouse has been offering goat yoga classes to college campuses and private events all across the northeast, describing the experience as a “stress relieving, relaxing, and bonding event,” citing a claim that “90% of college students report experiencing above average stress levels,” and offering that goat yoga offers an opportunity to meet and bond with new friends, human and animal alike.

“It’s a blend of animal therapy and yoga sequencing,” Pellegrino continues, “it teaches you to laugh at and let things go.”

The goats who are brought to classes are typically in the one to one-and-a-half year old age range and opportunities to bottle feed and even adopt baby goats for overnight retreats are offered as well as goat yoga sessions.

Gilbertsville Farmhouse has been visiting Herkimer College for several years and has been a popular on-campus event for students and staff alike.

Jack Barkett

Jack Barkett is a Communication & Media student at Herkimer County Community College. Pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, Jack brings his unique style and flair for the evocative to give his work a distinct voice.

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