June 13, 2024
from where i sit

From Where I Sit: The President’s Perspective

By Feven Endale

Dr. Cathleen McColgin is the president of Herkimer County Community College and a member of the Higher Education Research and Development Institute, a national advisory board comprised of community college presidents. She also serves as secretary for the New York Community Colleges Association of Presidents (NYCCAP). I interviewed her about the perspective of international students.

McColgin said the reason international students come to Herkimer is because of the college’s excellent reputation in athletics and academics, and the welcoming faculty and staff. She says the college encourages international students to engage in the campus community.

“We encourage them to utilize resources on campus to assist academically and to develop skills,” McColgin said. Even though she has a very busy schedule, if students need help and want to talk to her, she makes time for them. She says that each student means a lot to the campus community, and that they are here to assist them in any way they need.

“During Covid-19 we have allowed our international students who could not and did not want to go home to live on campus during the summer,” McColgin said. “Giving service to the international students is who we are, and the International Office is always open to help international students in need.”

McColgin expressed her appreciation for international students. “I am grateful that we do have international students on campus because I know personally my life has been enriched, just being able to hear about the different experiences the students have had. I think it makes all of us better individuals.”