April 23, 2024

Tutoring Supports Student Outcomes

Most students find themselves struggling with work from their classes. A solution to this problem is getting a tutor or using the Academic Support Center for help. Tutoring and support centers are designed to be there for students who may be stuck on homework or projects from their classes.

What is tutoring?

 Tutoring provides extra opportunity and a guiding hand to people who need it. The tutor may be an expert in a variety of areas. Choosing a tutor all comes down to what is the student’s weak subject in their educational career.

One of the people associated with tutoring at Herkimer College is Keith Heinrich.

Heinrich is a academic success coach, who describes the college’s Academic Support Center as “a one stop shop.” In addition to one-one-one tutoring, they offer time management courses and Intensive Educational Development (IED). Also, they help students with their next step in their major, and provide an area for people to use computers.

Tutoring and the Academic Support Center are valuable resources for students to improve their grades.