June 12, 2024
top ten

Top Ten Stories of 2021-22 Academic Year

Last year, over 3,900 site visitors generated over 6,800 story views. As the new school year begins, The General looks back at the most viewed features of the last year.


  1. Mental Health Awareness Month: Anxiety Disorders by Angel Johnson
  2. Mental Health Awareness: Psychotic Disorders by Angel Johnson
  3. Kre8ors Space Seeks to Make Creative Impact in Herkimer by Lindsay Crowley
  4. Mental Health Awareness: Interview with the Counselors at the College Counseling Center by Angel Johnson
  5. Fall 2021 Student Photo Gallery by Various Contributors
  6. American Diabetes Awareness Month by Angel Johnson
  7. The Herkimer College Honors Program:  Where Students Make a Difference! by Jennifer Herzog
  8. Shin Megami Tensei V Review: A Devilishly Good JRPG by Chase Halstead
  9. Mental Health Awareness Month: Depression by Angel Johnson
  10. Health and Wellness Option Provides Students Alternative Living Experience by Sara Warner

And… the top five multimedia features:

  1. Question of the Week: What courses would you like Herkimer College to offer?
  2. Question of the Week: How will COVID Impact the Spring Semester?
  3. Question of the Week: Guilty Pleasure Songs
  4. Question of the Week: Halloween Edition
  5. Question of the Week: Holiday Shopping Edition