June 14, 2024
College Hill

Health and Wellness Option Provides Students Alternative Living Experience

What is the Health and Wellness Living Option on campus? The Health and Wellness Living Area (HWLA) is a way for students to have the college experience without the involvement of drugs or alcohol. It is a drug-free living area that has specific quiet hours so you can have a study session without distraction. Madeline Snyder, the College Prevention Coordinator, provided insight on what it means to live in the HWLA.

You may be wondering how it differs from the other dorms. The HWLA holds events specific to them. Some previous events include Monday Meditation, Super Bowl viewing parties, cooking classes, and yoga. While some of these events may not be available currently due to Covid, there is a plan to reintroduce them starting next semester. Currently, the focus is on the Self-Care/Wellness Wheel where there is an activity in each section of the wheel.

Also available is health and wellness programming. What it focuses on is “improving the state of well-being, psychological well-being, physical well-being, and/or social well-being.” Different programs are available depending on what aspect is focused on. For example, healthy recipes you can follow, learning how to meditate efficiently, and working to build a healthy support network.

While Herkimer is a substance-free campus, HWLA students sign a pledge which explains the importance of remaining substance free while residing on campus. Students that violate the AOD policy will be provided with events such as a movie or game night to show that you can have a good time with using substances.

There are no specific quiet hours as it changes each semester due to the times being dependent on the individual and the RA.

You may be wondering if the Health and Wellness Living Option is for you. Snyder suggests that all students could thrive by living there but the ones that would most benefit are those “…who are in recovery from alcohol or substance abuse, or students who are perusing a sober life style for whatever reason. This allows for students who are substance free to really flourish and grow.”

The HWLA is located in the College Hill dorms. There are only 20 spots available, so it is best to check it out as soon as possible. You can select to live in the Health and Wellness Living Option on the housing application. If you want to learn more about the Health and Wellness Living Area, you can contact Madeline Snyder at [email protected].