July 21, 2024
Image courtesy of thekre8orsspace.com

Kre8ors Space Seeks to Make Creative Impact in Herkimer

If you have been keeping up in the world of art or locally owned businesses you’ve probably heard of The Kre8ors Space.

The Kre8ors Space is a black-owned, multimedia business located at 108 S. Washington St. in the village of Herkimer. If you love to create, this environment allows you to pursue almost any artistic expression you have in mind, including media production, designing, painting, jewelry making, networking and collaborations. This business was designed by Naquita Jones, a business expert and local creator,  to encourage other creators to get out and have social interactions with people who share similar interests. Whether you just want a quiet space to work in or even if you are trying to pursue a business in the arts, the Kre8ors Space meets this criteria.

The Kre8ors Space is an affiliate with Platinum Xposure and other large distributors. Inside you can find the Platinum Xposure branding studio, where you can connect with the marketing management through creating quality prints and designs for your business including flyers, logos, websites, business cards and banners.

If you are interested in video production, photography, or are an influencer, this space includes a green screen wall for special effects and black walls, as well as backdrops. There is some equipment available for renting including tripods, lighting and props. Additionally, there is even a private studio room dedicated to audio production where rental equipment is up for grabs and voiceover commercials are available. There are also resources available for painting and jewelry making, like paint brushes, canvases, paint, beads, and more.

If you are into designing clothing or decor, there’s a room for that, too. All creators, including digital designers, writers, bloggers, and artists are welcomed to utilize this space to create.

Owner and creator, Naquita Jones said, “If you just want to come in on a regular day, you can come with your own supplies and have a seat, use the wifi, and if you don’t have supplies, I do.”  She also added on that all supplies and bookings are made to be affordable for local creators.

It is completely cost free if you are just going to work on a project you have the resources for. If you don’t have the resources, the price of equipment start at $30 an hour or you can request a daily package. Kre8ors space is open Monday through Friday. Although the business is closed on weekends, it is available for private bookings.

Not only can you host your own event in this space, you can attend events held by the business too. Every week there is “Wine Down Wednesday” that includes Jazz music and painting, and if you are a part of a jazz band you can request to play during the event.

On April 30th, the business is celebrating International Jazz Day, where there are going to be jazz bands, neo singers, vendors, art, and poetry. Another event is called “Maker Mixer Mondays, which takes place every first Monday of each month from 5:30 pm to 8pm. Anyone looking for collaborations or networking opportunities is welcome to attend, and there will be Q&A opportunities with vendors, team building exercises, and recognition to local creators.

An upcoming cultural event is planned for Cinco de Mayo, where the business is looking for creators of culture to teach others about it, whether it be through art or conversation, all ideas are welcome. If you are interested in upcoming events, all will be posted on Instagram @thekre8orsspace through spring and summer.

Photo by Lindsay Crowley

If you or anyone you know is a creator interested in selling or displaying art, the Kre8ors shop inside the Kre8ors Space is looking for fashion pieces, paintings, books, decor, accessories, etc. This room is full of cultural apparel, accessories, and decor, as well as books from local authors. Most pieces in the shop are from Jones’ “idinotu” collection, which promotes unity of all cultures, through celebration and love. One shirt in the collection has a flag to represent cultural unity; each red star represents the continents being inhabited by people, with the middle star being the unity of indifference and similarity between all cultures of the world. There are also bucket hats made of different color bandanas to promote ending gang violence, through unity.

Unity played a big role in where the Kre8ors Space would be located. Jones’ goal was to implement a black-owned business somewhere to inspire others and to seek the presence of diversity and unity in a place where it is much needed. This business was created to help others get out of the house after a very long pandemic spent inside, to feel comfortable, safe,heard, and seen in a place made to encourage the flow of creativity through a relaxing environment. This is a place designed for all types of creators that come from any background, regardless of culture, race, ethnicity, gender, religion or identity, to surround each and one another with respect, love, and understanding. The Kre8ors Space is made to be therapeutic for everyone who loves any form of art.

Jones hopes the business can have a positive impact on the community and surrounding region. “ I … want them to know that this space is for them to use; utilize this space to come and create and make the region, not just Herkimer, a better place.”