May 24, 2024
Student in Honors Program
Isabella Chandler

The Herkimer College Honors Program:  Where Students Make a Difference

The Herkimer College Honors Program provides students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher the opportunity to acquire a variety of skills outside of the classroom through experiential learning.  Interpersonal communication, self-direction, leadership, emotional intelligence—these are all important to a marketable employee and moreover a productive member of society.  The Honors Program helps students actively develop these skills as they complete the 3 required courses within the program.

The following students completed their HP302 projects this semester:

Isabella Chandler:

Bella completed an experiential learning project where she investigated teaching and learning styles.  This was done through surveys, shadowing and interviewing students and faculty in various disciplines on campus.  Bella presented her data to faculty to culminate her experience and may be publishing in a peer-reviewed journal!  Prof. Steele served as Bella’s mentor for HP302.

Heather O’Quin:

Heather completed a project involving the art of marionette.  Heather learned about the subject through interviews with artists, and then used this information to build and create a marionette which will be used in a forthcoming performance.  Prof. Como served as Heather’s mentor for HP302.

Joaquin Nietes:

Joaquin completed a hands-on course in HTML and CSS during the semester under the guidance of his mentor.  Joaquin will utilize this new skill set in future employment and through volunteer work.  Joaquin is working towards earning a certification for this work as well.  Prof. Baker served as Joaquin’s mentor for HP302.

Jennifer Herzog

Jennifer Herzog is an Associate Professor of Biology at Herkimer College and the Director of the Honors Program.

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