June 12, 2024
Ukrainian President Zelensky

Student Reflects on Ukraine Conflict

On Feb. 24, the life of Ukrainian citizens changed drastically after Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin, began to launch attacks on Ukraine’s major cities.

Putin stated that the assaults on Ukraine were targeting their military, but the death and harm done to Ukrainians proves otherwise. At the time of this writing, thousands of civilian casualties have been reported. 

Riley Wisheart, a student, has many feelings on the subject. “I am really scared for the people that are suffering in the country. All the posts on social media make me feel awful for the families and people that are going through such a difficult time.”

Wisheart, 19, believes that there has to be another answer, rather than all of this tumultuous violence. She tried to lessen the tension, saying through a nervous laugh, “Honestly, I think we all might die.”

As of right now, people are still evacuating their homes to seek refuge from the conflict. More than 10 million people have fled their homes, out of the 41 million people that live in Ukraine. The refugees are primarily going to Poland, but some are escaping to Romania, Hungary, Moldova, Slovakia, and other countries.

There are several ways that one can help the people of Ukraine, including posting on social media, keeping the conversation going in relevant classes, and spreading awareness.

Individuals can also donate money to help Ukrainians. There are multiple organizations that one can donate to, such as People in Need, Ukrainian Red Cross, and Nova Ukraine.

PHOTO CREDIT: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy walks under a camouflage net in a trench as he visits the war-hit Donetsk region in eastern Ukraine (Ukrainian Presidential Press Office)