July 21, 2024
Stacked egg cartons

Local Egg Producer Tackles Inflation

Seems like these days all people talk about is the rising cost of living, especially when it comes to groceries. In the beginning it was toilet paper, then it was meat, and now it’s eggs. If you have been in a grocery store lately you might have noticed the extreme price hike on eggs. At Price Chopper in Little Falls, eggs have been seen selling for as much as nine dollars a dozen.

With the price of eggs being so high, many shoppers have removed eggs from their grocery list. Thanks to Alan Hurst of North Creek Farms, affordable eggs are back in the valley.

Hurst began working in the egg industry five years ago, and his business helps provide eggs to local businesses. Hurst raises his own chickens which has helped keep the price of his eggs down. Many big-box store egg companies were affected by bird flu, causing the rise of egg prices. Hurst’s chickens were not affected, and he was able to keep his eggs for sale for under three dollars.

Hurst’s eggs are high in demand. Hurst claimed “the hardest thing is having enough eggs.”

Grace Kelly

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