March 20, 2023
adulting 101

Life Skills Seminars Offer Student Support

College life can be challenging, so having a way to assist a student in their journey can be extremely helpful. This is exactly what Herkimer College’s “Adulting 101: Life Skills for Everyone” seminar is for.

On February 9, four students attended the seminar taught by Maimun Khan, a collaboration between Herkimer College and Integrated Community Alternatives Network (ICAN).

Upon arrival at the seminar, the students were pleased to find free pizza and drinks. Many of the students took advantage of the free food and engaged in small talk before the seminar began.

“Life skills for everyone” offers similar material that a student would learn in the “Freshmen Seminar” class, although according to Khan, “it builds on that.” The seminar is held every Thursday from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm in the Robert McLaughlin College Center in room 283.

The seminars are designed to help improve students’ college skills and prepare, equip, and assist them as they transition into adulthood and a full-time career. During the seminar, topics such as time management and procrastination were discussed as well as ways to improve on these issues.

Student participation was high during the seminar with most students answering questions and giving personal input; it was an interactive and relaxed environment with many opportunities for discussion.

At the end of the seminar, all the attending students received a free blank schedule as well as a resource on how to achieve goals, this gives the students the option to keep track of their goals and schedule their week more effectively. Every student who attended “Life Skills for Everyone” left with practical ways to apply what was talked about, and advice to help improve themselves in the coming week and the rest of their college years.