May 24, 2024
Soccer player on the field

Keep The Ball Rolling

Max Pawlowski and Zayne Throckmorton both enjoy being athletes at Herkimer College. They agree that it is very time-consuming and requires lots of effort, but also a fun experience for them being in a family-style environment where everyone supports everyone.

Pawlowski, a center-mid player, and Throckmorton, a center-back player on Herkimer’s soccer team, both majored in sports and recreation management. Both athletes also view themselves as motivated, aggressive players on the field. “When it’s time to do business, we do business,” Throckmorton said.

Being coached by coach Pepe Aragon cannot be easy with him coaching for so long and being as successful as he is throughout his coaching career. Pawlowski and Throckmorton both feel he is a good coach and that there are not any cons to being coached by him.

“It’s hard to find cons, but the conditioning at the end, sometimes his conditioning at the end can be a little bit torturous,” Throckmorton said.

Creating a bond amongst your teammates and coaches is important, especially when you are going to be with those people every day.

   “After a while you start to grow together like a family. People don’t realize it as much, but you really do turn into a family seeing each other every day and getting used to everyone’s personality,” Pawlowski said.

 During the men’s soccer team practice, they work extremely hard together when training during the regular season and off season to be ready for whatever next season brings.

Coach Pepe has brought his soccer team to nationals every year at Herkimer since he has been here. So, the pressure for the athletes must be tough. “We don’t really feel too much pressure, just because we wouldn’t be here if we weren’t good enough to go to nationals,” Pawlowski said.