April 14, 2024
Erin Jackson

Herkimer Student Balances Work with Online Classes

A Herkimer College student and local restaurant manager provides some effective ways to manage work and online school to avoid stress. Erin Jackson is a full-time online-only student majoring in Business Administration. She also is a manager at a local restaurant, Sorrento’s Pizzeria. 

Like many of us, Jackson’s daily life was affected by the recent pandemic. With her classes being all online and her employer going to take-out only at one point, she had to adapt in order to succeed. Even though she enjoyed being in the classroom environment, she now uses the online platform to plan ahead and do her assignments on her own time. She found that using her time efficiently helped prevent stress. 

Although Jackson thinks both work and school are important, she thinks college is a priority. 

“School always comes first,” Jackson said. “No matter where you work, always check in with your boss to get a day off, even to study for a test.” She also looks at the experience she gets from work as positive, allowing her job and major to go “hand in hand.” Using some of the skills from her major at work, and using some of her skills from work in college, Jackson has created an efficient balance between work and school. 

Jackson also believes that people should include their work experiences on their applications when transferring to other colleges, not just their resumes.

Michael Cook

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