May 24, 2024
Speaker on stage talking to an audience

Featured Photo: Flying Under the Radar Event Presented by Pablo Campos

A successful turnout to the Flying Under the Radar event presented by Pablo Campos on April 3. Campos is an Active Minds presenter who shares his story about not understanding feelings of anger and frustration and of being unsure how to cope. He discusses how he engaged in increasingly risky behaviors and polysubstance abuse, which led to an attempt to take his own life.

Rees Trenholm

Rees Trenholm is a Communication and Media student with a passion for creating high-quality content. Rees recently moved back to the USA after living overseas for 13 years. Influenced by his cross-cultural experiences, he loves to travel and meet new people. His favourite pastime is spending time outdoors creating photos and videos. You can also find him fishing working on his car or working out.

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