May 24, 2024
The Puzzlist

The Puzzlist Crossword 02

Radio/TV Broadcasting Professor Bob Gassmann presents a brand-new, original crossword puzzle for your enjoyment. Print out the linked crossword grid and puzzle clues, find a cozy nook, and enjoy!

Crossword Grid (PDF):×21-12-30-19-grid.pdf

Crossword Clues (PDF):×21-12-30-19-clues.pdf

Crossword Solution (PDF):×21-12-30-19-solution.pdf

Bob Gassmann

Bob Gassmann has been a crossword fan his whole life. He maintained newspaper subscriptions simply to receive his daily dose. Inspired by his daughter Carly, who started making her own crossword puzzles, Bob has followed suit. “I think my desire to see words intersecting with each other is a product of my reading the newspaper ‘upside down’ as a child while my father perused the pages at the kitchen table. Being a bit of a trivia nerd has helped as well…” You can write Bob at [email protected] if you have questions or suggestions about these puzzles…

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