April 14, 2024

Opinion: Hamas, Anti-Semitism to Blame for Violence

On Saturday October 7th 2023, the State of Israel was brutally attacked by the terrorists of Hamas. The facts of that dreadful day speak for themselves. These Hamas terrorists filmed the atrocities for themselves to brag about it later. Just like how the Nazis kept written records of the Holocaust. It’s a fact there’s over a thousand dead Israelis, mostly civilians who testify to the atrocious conduct of Hamas.

These are not “freedom fighters” these are murderers. There is no moral equivalency between killing someone brutally face-to-face and decapitating children, and civilian collateral damage because of aerodynamics, trajectory, and the hiding of Hamas fighters behind Palestinian and now Israeli civilians. I have heard around campus that the IDF is just as much of a terrorist organization as Hamas. That is a lie. That is a falsehood. Again, they are not evil, they do not commit atrocities.

People attempt to justify this anti-Semitic attack as merely anti-Zionism or Freedom Fighting against an apartheid state. Poppycock. The vast majority of the claims made against the IDF and Israel are by and large false. Those claims are mainly pushed by families such as the Tamimis and their ardent hatred for Jews masquerading as anti-Zionism (Janna Jihad — the innocent face of the Tamimi clan’s support for terror and Jew-hatred | Petra Marquardt-Bigman | The Blogs (timesofisrael.com) The Hate That Drove the Hamas Attack | TIME). Or the propaganda machine of the Qatari government, Al Jazeera.

Does the Israeli military kidnap? No. Moreover, Hamas claims responsibility for the death of Israelis even before the present.  In addition to October 7th’s pogrom there have been numerous other terror attacks against Israelis claimed by Hamas in Gaza, claimed by Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, even celebrated by the supposed moderates of the Palestinian Authority.

Simple. Hamas is an anti-Semitic organization as espoused by their very own original charter. When one reads the original Hamas charter (translated into English) it reads suspiciously like what the Nazis would have wrote and duped the German people into believing in the 1930s and 1940s in order to justify the Holocaust. Its new one might be more lovey-dovey and accepting of Judaism nominally, but it still anti-Zionist and calls Zionism a byproduct or racism. To put it bluntly, Hamas is still anti-Semitic at heart and refuses to recognize the Israeli state as an entity stemming from its deeply embedded antisemitism.

Alongside Hezbollah, Iran, Syria, and other entities are responsible for the escalation not Israel. They threaten Israel with attacks if it retaliates on its own behalf. Did they do so, when we retaliated for 9/11? Why did they do so for Israel? Is it because they’re Jewish?

Critics say Israel partakes in war crimes by cutting off the amenities to the Gaza strip, releasing a relentless bombing campaign, and a few have called their warnings towards Gaza civilians to move south “Ethnic cleansing.” There are also rumors circulating of the IDF hitting columns of refugees.

  1. They did so on the condition that if and only if their hostages are returned everything will be turned back on. Hamas refused. And they also turned them on for Southern Gaza, so people would move to the south.
  2. The bombing campaign is necessary to decrease the effectiveness of the Hamas machine of terror. And Hamas hides itself beneath Mosques, schools, and hospitals, through a network of tunnels.
  3. The thought that warning your enemy’s civilians to get out of harm’s way as being akin to a “War Crime” by some is nonsensical. It is also literally not ethnic cleansing to warn the group to get out of harm’s way so they do not get killed. And, they also gave them more time to move when it became obvious that they couldn’t in 24 hours. In fact, it’s the opposite of ethnic cleansing.
  4. Footage has been released from within the Gaza strip from areas where the IDF is not currently holding any operations and it appears that IEDs go off. Hamas is actively preventing civilians from escaping South. Still further, these innocent Palestinians are living in close proximity to those who are anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic at heart, and these innocents should know full well that terrorists deserve death.

They also fail to realize that Israel is merely expressing their need to protect Israelis from death today and tomorrow.  The deaths of these innocent Palestinians are tragic, but we all know whose fault it really is.

Dead Palestinians, and dead Israelis are byproducts of the extremism of radical anti-Zionist Jihadist military groups who wish Arab rule over Palestine and Israel and accuses Israel of being predicated on racism, and not on the need to protect Jews from a Holocaust 2.0. And, the re-establishment of an Ancient State, that combines Abrahamic religious tradition with Western Democratic-Republican tradition.

Hezbollah is being supplied by Iran with weapons. As well as perhaps being the group behind tunnels leading to Israel in 2018. In 2009 they reiterated their desire for the destruction of the State of Israel in a manifesto. Furthermore, they have been blamed for anti-Semitic attacks both in Israel and abroad (What Is Hezbollah? | Council on Foreign Relations (cfr.org)). Hezbollah is not fighting a just jihad. Hezbollah does not have humanitarian grievances. Hezbollah is anti-Zionist, and anti-Semitic.

Palestinians and Israelis are the victims of Hamas, Hezbollah, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad and their vendetta against Israel. Israel is not racist. There are Arab Muslims and Arab Christians in Israel living in prosperity alongside their Jewish and atheistic counterparts. There are Arabs who support and defend Israel in its military. There are Ethiopian Jews in Israel. Most Jews in Israel, contrary to what some people think are Sephardic (Mediterranean, Middle East, North African, etc.). Israel is not a racist state.

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Chase D. Everson

Chase D. Everson majors in Humanities at Herkimer County Community College with plans to transfer to Utica University or Hamilton College for History. He strives to uphold himself to a high academic standard and involve himself in as many clubs that pique his interests as possible. Chase has been a lifelong resident of Herkimer and is glad for everything the community has done to shape him. His main field of interest for the newspaper is reporting on the Student Government and campus events, as well as political opinion pieces.

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