June 13, 2024
Images of the new student editors

The General Announces New Student Team Members

It’s a new academic year, and The General is excited to announce its new student staff members. Our group of innovative and eager students are focused on creating a diverse array of content, including feature stories, photography, and video pieces.

Students interested in being part of the The General’s team may contact Advising Editor Blake Pitcher at [email protected] for more information on getting involved.

We can’t wait to share what this dynamic group has in store. Welcome aboard!


K. Garcia

Kassandra Garcia is a Communication and Media student who is a Student Ambassador, member of Amnesty International and the Chief Editor for The General. During her free time, she enjoys listening to music, playing video games, and watching anime.


Angel J.

Angel Johnson is a Communication & Media major who specializes in writing, directing, and editing. Angel has been interested in this field since 6th grade, when she would write scripts in her journal. She loves working with a video camera, and just seeing where it will lead.


Anthony G.

There are many words to describe Anthony Graham. Outgoing, charismatic, artistic and versatile are just a few. His newfound passion for photography has sparked an interest in journalism as well. The General provides a place for him to explore both forms of art and experience in the field.


Elora W.

Elora Wilmot is a freshman and a member of the softball team from Cazenovia, NY.  She served as a yearbook sports editor and photographer throughout high school. Elora is drawn to photography because of the emotion someone can capture with a camera — the way someone can relive a moment over and over again as though it happened yesterday.


Olivia Cook is a freshman student majoring in Communication and Media. She’s always had an interest in content creation, but specifically in the editing process. Being an editor for The General allows her to explore these interests.