May 24, 2024
International Snack Table

Library Debuts International Snack and Information Table

Herkimer College’s library is seeking to foster a deeper relationship with the thriving international student population on campus.

According to Stephanie Conley, Librarian for Technical Services, many international students use the library as a study space. However, the library staff wanted to strengthen the connection to them while at the same time providing materials, resources, and books to assist the greater campus community in learning about the cultures that they bring to campus.

One idea was to develop an international snack and information table.

International Snack Table

The library staff received a list of countries from the International Office Technical Assistant and gathered books to showcase each one. Informational posters were designed, pulling from the library database Global Road Warrior, and also from the World Factbook, available online.

This month, China, Japan, Korea, and Indonesia are featured, including snacks from each country.

The library expects to feature European countries in November.

From Staff Reports