April 14, 2024
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How are decisions for campus activities made?

As a campus advertising school unity, the importance of student feedback is crucial, and without a doubt should be included.

Director of student activities, Vicki Brown, provided some detail on how the college merges the input of students with what takes place on campus. “There’s a lot of different ways I’m aware of,” said Brown. Brown mentioned student government meetings which are meant to “bring forward any concerns from the student body.”

In the spring semester seven students are chosen to represent as student trustees for the following semester. There is a board meeting to evaluate their strengths in serving as the voice for others. Brown said the board “exists to support athletics, fund activities and campus events.” One example given of the student feedback system was the former childcare program on campus and how the “student complaint process allowed many to share concerns.”

 Brown made it very clear “students can always come to me.” And, there are clubs and organizations where students can help determine what events, trips, and other choices are made. When asked if she is pleased with how student feedback is utilized in campus decisions Brown stated, “yes, I am pleased, however there could be more; there’s lack of involvement and also a lack of sharing opinions from students.”

 Kaitlin Dodge, a first-year student, gave her opinion on the campus activities that take place here. “I feel like the activities around campus are good and I like the weekly bulletins that come out with the activities. But I think that there should be more physical activities such as yoga, Zumba, open swim, etc. Other than that I think the school does a good job in the activities.”

As many other students agree, the activities are good but don’t always appeal to student’s interests.      

Alicia Espinosa

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