June 12, 2024

Halloween Student Poll!

In honor of Spooky Season, I decided to interview students on all things Halloween. 

As expected, chocolate is the best candy to eat, especially on Halloween. I am a huge chocoholic, so every Halloween, I buy a big bag of chocolates, I curl up with blankets, and I watch some horror films. 

Honestly, I think that candy corn is overrated. I personally like the Krabby Patty gummies that come out every holiday because they’re so simple, yet so good!! 

As expected, Nightmare Before Christmas and Hocus Pocus took the cake for best Halloween films. I personally like Nightmare Before Christmas better than Hocus Pocus, mainly because I prefer animation and Tim Burton over live action. 

Of course, Friday the 13th and Scream got first place. However, I am surprised Halloween got only a few votes because, although the original film does not rely on gore and blood, it delivers some good scares, so much so that it gave me nightmares as a child. Nowadays, I think Halloween must be my favorite horror film ever made. 

I am surprised the votes were even! Halloween must be my favorite holiday, after Christmas of course, because it gives me an excuse to watch a ton of horror films, dress up in a costume, decorate my room, and eat a ton of candy!  

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!! 

Angel Johnson

Angel Johnson is a Communication & Media major who specializes in writing, directing, and editing. Angel has been interested in this field since 6th grade, when she would write scripts in her journal. She loves working with a video camera, and just seeing where it will lead.

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