July 21, 2024

From Amnesty International: Join Our Letter Writing Campaign

All people have fundamental human rights. But those rights are abused or denied every single day. When that happens, Amnesty International finds the facts, exposes what’s happening, and rallies people together to force governments and others to respect everyone’s human rights. This year’s Write4Rights is part of that rallying.

Herkimer College Amnesty International Write4Rights 2022 will go through December and continue until January 25. This means that you can copy them at your convenience, now, during winter break and in early January. 

More about each case can be found in the previous General article and also by viewing the short videos about each at:


Also, check out our Facebook page for even more updates:


Whether you copy a letter from the library display or use the links found in this article, students can drop their completed letters off in the library at the Amnesty International table. Please be sure to take a pin, bookmark, and sticker and to sign up for the monthly drawing.

Amnesty International Display at the College Library

Thank you for using your freedoms to work for those of others.  Good luck on finals, have a good winter break and congratulate yourself on completion of the Fall 2022 semester at Herkimer College. We are glad you are here! See you in January!

Letter Templates To Download: