June 14, 2024
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December Update from Herkimer’s Amnesty International Chapter: Write for Rights — The Life-Changing Power of Words

Writing a letter, sending a tweet, signing a petition. Surely you can’t change the world with something so simple? Yes, you can!

Sometimes there seems to be so much wrong in the world, the idea of changing it for the better feels impossible. But as Amnesty International’s Write for Rights campaign shows, you can make a big difference by doing something “little.” 

Since Write for Rights started in 2001, millions of people, just like you, have changed the lives of those whose human rights had been stripped from them. In fact, since 2001, more than 50 million actions have been taken, while over 100 people featured in our campaign have seen a positive outcome to their case! Taking just a little bit of time to send, post or write a letter really does make the world of difference to the people we have supported through the campaign – and we’re continuing to make an impact.     

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Whether or not you officially join HC Amnesty International, you can still be a part of this 60 year old Nobel Peace Prize winning organization by frequently visiting www.amnestyusa.org. You can also follow us on Herkimer College Amnesty International Club Facebook and Instagram. 


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