April 14, 2024
Karris Leonard

The Herkimer College Honors Program:  Where Students Make a Difference!

The Herkimer College Honors Program provides students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher the opportunity to acquire a variety of skills outside of the classroom through experiential learning.  Interpersonal communication, self-direction, leadership, emotional intelligence—these are all important to a marketable employee and moreover a productive member of society.  The Honors Program helps students actively develop these skills as they complete the 3 required courses within the program.

The following students completed their HP303 capstone projects to culminate their participation in the Herkimer College Honors Program:

Chaunsey Brown:

Chaunsey completed a project entitled “A BOWL Lot of Fun!”, organizing a bowling event to raise funds for a local chapter of the Special Olympics.

Karris Leonard:

Karris completed a project entitled “Survivors Alliance”, creating a platform to develop and provide activities to support the campus community in sexual and domestic violence issues.


Kyle Poulos: 

Kyle completed a project entitled “The General’s Awareness,” a virtual training program that could be adapted and used on campus to provide information on opioid use, addiction, and overdose responsiveness.

Herkimer College wishes you luck in all that you do, we are proud to have you as Honors Program graduates!

HP302 students this year also completed experiential learning projects with their chosen mentors.  These were:

  • Ella Wilcox (Fall 2022):  Jennifer Herzog
  • Chaunsey Brown (Fall 2022): George Smith
  • Jessica Bennett (Fall 2022): Lisa Reile
  • Brieann Sullivan (Spring 2023): Trisha Loso
  • Chase Arabia-Everson (Spring 2023): Jeff Steele
  • Karris Leonard (Spring 2023): Wendy Marchese

Jennifer Herzog

Jennifer Herzog is an Associate Professor of Biology at Herkimer College and the Director of the Honors Program.

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