May 24, 2024
Author Carynn Bohley

Student Launches Novel with Darkstroke Books

Herkimer College student Carynn Bohley recently announced the release of her new novel with publisher Darkstroke Books, an imprint of Crooked Cat. Darkness Rise is the first in a Young Adult fantasy trilogy set in a magical world called Mysticus.

On her website, Bohley says “her biggest dream is to make a world that people can fully immerse themselves in, dream about, and journey to just by holding a book.”

Andrew Devitt, Assistant Professor of English, lauded her achievement. “I love hearing that students have found success in their field,” Devitt said. “Usually, this happens after they have graduated. With Carynn, I got to witness it firsthand. It’s been an honor and a privilege.”

People who are interested can learn more on the novel’s website, The book is currently available in multiple formats at Amazon:

  • Editor’s Note: Carynn Bohley also serves as a life & culture editor for The General.