May 24, 2024
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Gaming Club Features Diverse Array of Experiences

The gaming club at Herkimer College is the most active club on campus. Every Wednesday students have the chance to go play any type of games with their friends.

Joshua Lanza is an Academic Support Specialist for the college, and he also runs the gaming club. When asked why so many students join each year, Lanza said “It’s because we do what students want to do.” Instead of playing video games alone at your house, students get a chance to play in person with their friends. It gives them something to look forward to every week.

Compared to the other clubs on campus the gaming club is the most popular among students, and growing every year. Lanza said this is because “The gaming club is so generic that we appeal to a wide audience because we do tabletop games, video games, combined with some other things.” Most clubs are very niche, which would make them smaller because it is less likely a lot of people would be into the same thing. This is what makes the gaming club so unique; you can play anything you want. Everyone has something to do when you go.

Lanza also said “it helps with developing social skills as well.” You get to connect face to face with people who have like minded interests, gaming usually happens at home alone and you talk to your friends through a microphone. It helps build a sense of campus community because you get to share real life experiences with people.

When in the gaming club it is not just gaming. Lanza said “They have to petition the student government to get funding for certain events, that interpersonal communication is an important skill.” Lanza has been a part of the gaming club since he was in high school. He would go from cross country practice straight up the hill and play with his friend that was a Herkimer College student. When asked about this experience Lanza replied “They welcomed me, that made me want to come to this school even more.” This year some high school students have come up and this really grows the community because they end up wanting to go to Herkimer because they already have friends here.

When asked about what he would say to a student who is thinking about attending one of the weekly meetings for the first time he replied “Just show up, these guys are very welcoming. Just show up and try it even if you are brand new, it’s how you learn. It feeds their hunger to learn more on their own time, and you get free stuff at the end of the day.” This attitude of you don’t have to be the best, just show up and you will have fun is the biggest reason there are new students joining every Wednesday and continuing to go. If you are attending Herkimer and just want to have a good time, meet new people, and enjoy playing games, just show up.

Jackson Blask

Jack Blask is a Social Science major going on his second year at Herkimer College. He is on the golf team and currently lives in Little Falls, NY, where he attended high school. Jack spends most of his time on the golf course. He plans on continuing his education at Southern New Hampshire University for business.

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