July 23, 2021


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Mike Cook

Mike Cook is a Communication and Media student at Herkimer College and a YouTube content creator.


Kaitlyn Jenks

Kaitlyn Jenks is a Communication and Media student who is interested in photojournalism, storytelling, writing, and media production. Kaitlyn is the Vice President of Chapter Growth for Phi Theta Kappa, a Senior Senator for Student Government, a Visual Editor for Phaethon, and a Peer Tutor.


Opportunities Available — please contact Advising Editor Blake Pitcher at pitcherba@herkimer.edu for details.


Carynn Bohley

Carynn Bohley perfectly fits society’s definition of the word ‘writer.’ She loves coffee, cats, and enjoys the company of fictional characters over real people. She is the author of two Amazon short reads (Precipice, Bailey), YA novella Dear Jackson, and soon-to-be published YA fantasy novel Darkness Rise. She enjoys encouraging other writers on her blog, and recently released a new website called ‘Kingdom of Ink.’ She’s currently a Herkimer Honors Student and YouTuber, and finds that there is nothing better in life than listening to the rain with a good book in your hands.

Kassandra Garcia

On the surface, Kassandra Garcia is just a first-year student at HCCC majoring in Communication and Media, however in reality, she is a quirky, anime, hip-hop and ramen loving activist. Kassandra is driven by curiosity, so much so that it has led her to identify and solve the most pressuring of questions. She focuses on Life and Culture but is passionate/open of new ideas, conversations, and challenges. Believe or not, when Kassandra was in high school, she would have never imagined herself able to take on new challenges, but she has come a long way. She continues to strive hard to go beyond her/other’s expectations, so maybe one day she can make a positive difference on the world.