July 23, 2021
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Herkimer College becomes one of the first SUNY schools to Go Green

HERKIMER, NY– Herkimer College is one of the first state-funded facilities in New York taking steps for a clean energy future. On Friday, January 17, 2020, a new laboratory and Electrical Technology degree program with a focus on smart grid technologies opened up at Herkimer.

Herkimer College’s official website broke down where the money was coming from: With a combination of donations from the New York Power Authority (NYPA), the M&T Bank/Partners Trust Bank Charitable Fund, and the State University of New York Community College Capital Program the school received $2,090,000 to install a grid-parallel photovoltaic electrical generation system. This is a fancy way of saying solar panels, with an upgraded laboratory to maintain them. The laboratory also includes energy-efficient heating ventilation and air conditioning system upgrades and as well as lighting upgrades.

Keith Hayes, senior vice president for Clean Energy Solutions with the New York Power Authority, told the Times Telegram the lab will be in line with Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plan to transition the state to a “21st-century grid.”

“Herkimer County is going to have a tremendous leg up in the clean energy economy,” he said. “…[This is] going to be a touchstone for New York state’s clean energy future.”

The associate in applied science degree focuses on the design, application, installation, manufacturing, and operation and/or maintenance of electrical systems, with a focus on smart grid technologies. The degree also allows for furthering in education with other Bachelor’s degree programs.

Ilya Grinberg, professor and director of the Power Center for Utility Exploration at Buffalo State said, “Besides typical courses that every engineering technology program in this state offers, such as circuits, electronics and digital courses, which are all geared more towards electronics, this program will have a course in renewable energy and a course in
microprocessor-based relays, which will train and educate students in controlling the power grid.”

Rabab Hassan, New Hartford, NY, has been appointed as an assistant professor to teach multiple courses in the program, including renewable/clean energy and power systems applications.

For more information about the Electrical Technology program, visit herkimer.edu/electrical .

Sage Kuhlman

Sage Kuhlman

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